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What's it going to cost?

You only pay for hosting, and that starts a $10.00 per month. We'll give you the first month absolutely FREE.

Look what $10 gets you!
A fully functional web site that includes 10 pages.
Easy setup and management using our unique web remote control.
Optional contact tracking included – save your contacts to an Excel spreadsheet on your own computer!
Optional Catalog with our product and category display included. Backup your products and categories to an Excel spreadsheet!
Optional E commerce included.
Enabled for site tracking with Google Analytics and Yahoo.

No contract – No hidden fees – you may cancel at any time.

Not just a website!
For just $19, you get a customer file, vendor file, customer invoice, customer payments, even customer quotations! Your customers can see their account balance and payment history.

The system that grows with you.
The My Simple Website can actually grow into a full-featured office automation and accounting system capable of multi-location inventory, banking, accounting and more.
At any time you can upgrade to a self-hosted system with servers in your own office. Imagine having your own servers without needing to hire a database administrator!

Need a little Help?
We offer Classes, Seminars,

We are also offering classes near you for $80. The class runs 3 hours or less and you will leave with a fully functional working website.

And hosting for your website is still just $10.00 per month,
no contract required -- you can cancel at any time.

That's it!    Why not sign up today?

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If your have any questions about the class, your computer, the type of content you can use or add to your website, contact me at

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