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Everybody needs a Web site.
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Build Your Own Website Presentations
    for your Club, Group, Business or Organization.

is offering 3 hour classes personalized for you specific needs. Call today and book a date for this special event. Everyone who attends leaves with a working web site. To schedule a presentation simply fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Build Your Own Website in a Classroom
is offering 3 hour classes at many adult learning venues offered by your city, school district or community college, that guarantees you will leave with a working website. Come to class, build your website and learn how to get your website listed on Google and other search engines.

Build Your Own Website during our Seminars
will be conducting seminars where you will, of course, leave with your own website, and you'll also be introduced to powerful upgrades for your business, including 'Full Office Automation' for as little as $49 per month

Build Your Own Website at a Demonstration
Look for mysimplewebsite at your local Chamber meeting, community event, or business group. Networking is vital to businesses and as you'll learn it's simple with our B2B plugin, you can build your own business, community or charity network in minutes.

Build Your Own Website during a Workshop
All of our events invite hands on participation, and are designed with the busy business owner in mind. All events for mysimplewebsite offer demonstrations for about 15 minutes, then it's hands on, building your site with expert advice available for your questions. This session will last about 45 minutes and then another 15 minute live demonstration, and back to some more hands on time. This method of teaching gets at your most import questions, and gets them answered as you are building your site during one of our events, not after you get back to the office. So feel free to come a little early or late, ask a lot of questions, and leave once you get the hang of it. We know you have a busy schedule. Don't forget your laptop!

  • It's Fun
    Bring your WiFi enabled Windows laptop computer, pictures, and ideas and create the prefect website.
  • We'll Show You How
    It's easy to create your own website, to add, and update content like pictures and text. Organize your website by creating multiple pages and links for a fully functional professional site. For times and locations of classes near you simply fill out the form below.
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  • You'll Learn to Create a Catalog
    You may want to show off your products, services, sample pages of your book. Pictures of your facility, work you've done, the team in action. The list is endless, and you can do it now, simply sign up for a class in your area. Sign up Now!

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